We have a safe and fun environment, where our youngest students live, in the preschool stage, an unforgettable experience discovering the great potential they have and beginning to develop the skills that will allow them, in the future, to be prepared to face the world. .

Problem-based learning, projects, experimentation and learning centers are the methodologies that allow the student to be the protagonist of the learning and teaching process, where through individual or cooperative work, they achieve the construction and implementation of practice of knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop life skills.

Our COBU virtues program (good heart) develops strategies and tools that facilitate the socio-emotional education and human formation of the student. Positive environments are promoted that through these strategies arouse the dynamism of virtues. Thus, the student learns naturally and actively participates: observes his environment, identifies needs, investigates and solves problems by putting what he has learned into practice.

We look for children to begin the development of socio-emotional skills such as:

  • Prosociability: It is achieved through play. We seek that students develop social skills and create a positive environment with their peers.
  • Motivation: Beyond giving a prize or reward, we encourage them to feel motivated by the satisfaction generated by completing a task or achievement.
  • Self-knowledge: Through activities, we encourage students to identify and name their emotions and those of others, to express them assertively.

In preschool, the student learns it just as they did with their mother tongue, naturally by listening to it daily in activities such as songs, games and stories.

We educate at all times, space and environment. Any opportunity, inside and outside the classroom, is used to develop an educational-formative intervention. We have various resources that support us in this process:

  • Formative, flexible, interactive and collaborative environments and spaces that promote personal, transcendent and community learning.
  • Physical and digital educational materials, which help to enhance the student's abilities according to the expected graduation profile.
  • Educational technology, which favors research and the production of content and solutions.

Through sport, our students get to know themselves, learn to overcome challenges, form will, character and develop psychomotor, affective, social and intellectual aspects.

In addition, we offer students a constant approach to art and culture, which helps them develop critical and creative thinking, as well as various emotional skills.

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