In elementary school, our students work on understanding their emotions and those of others, developing strategies to manage, express and detect them in themselves and in others, in order to ensure their personal well-being and that of others.

Active methodologies are used that encourage student participation, challenging them with challenges related to their context or interests and that allow them to develop their cognitive and mental abilities, maintaining their motivation and developing their curiosity and passion for learning through collaboration.

With our NET virtues program, strategies and tools are developed that facilitate socio-emotional education and human formation in students. Positive environments are promoted that through these strategies arouse the dynamism of virtues.
The good is shown with concrete examples so that the student recognizes the benefits and is freely motivated to carry them out. A firm discipline is promoted, and kind at the same time, taking into account the need for identity and belonging.

We seek that students use technology effectively and efficiently as a tool to increase their productivity, develop their creativity, communicate ideas and learn collaboratively, without forgetting the responsibility that their use entails.

Through the use of educational technology, robotics and the STEAM methodology (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math), we encourage students to see it:

  • As a useful and necessary resource for learning.
  • As a means to develop digital skills.
  • To lay the technological foundations for the following educational levels.

In elementary school, students expand their vocabulary and learn the correct use of English, at a high level, beyond the functional. This is achieved by reading resources used by native students in schools in English-speaking countries.

The training of our children through music allows them to live significant experiences that lead to forming their character and acquiring culture by developing musical artistic skills. We have the support of Vinna Music, a team of musicians, musical educators and professionals specialized in the pedagogy of each instrument who promote quality musical education. Students are taught to play a musical instrument (violin, viola and cello), belong to an ensemble and certify their studies through an internationally valid exam.

We educate at all times, space and environment. Any opportunity, inside and outside the classroom, is used to develop an educational-training intervention. We have various resources that support us in this process:

  • Formative, flexible, interactive and collaborative environments and spaces that promote personal, transcendent and community learning.
  • Physical and digital educational materials, which help to enhance the student's abilities according to the expected graduation profile.
  • Educational technology, which favors research and the production of content and solutions

Through sport, our students get to know themselves, learn to overcome challenges, form will, character and develop psychomotor, affective, social and intellectual aspects.

In addition, we offer students a constant approach to art and culture, which helps them develop critical and creative thinking, as well as various emotional skills.

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