Educational model

Cumbres Villahermosa Institute

Pedagogical model

Educational principles

The elements that guide and characterize our work are:

  • Integral formation
  • Personal attention
  • Love
  • Excellence
  • innovation and harmony
  • Partnership with families
  • freedom formation
  • Responsibility and social commitment
  • Formative and safe environments

Formative purposes

We seek that each student:

  • Know, live and transmit a joyful faith.
  • Develop a magnanimous, compassionate and generous heart.
  • ‍Be free and mature according to your age.
  • Achieve academic excellence and develop an intelligence committed to the search for truth.
  • Be an upright, humble and committed leader.
Elementary students of the Cumbres Villahermosa school at recess

Graduation profile


Love to god

Live Christian values and human virtues.

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Personal care and character formation

Be responsible for your body and health and forge the character to make responsible decisions.


Search for truth

Through introspection, reflection and research to generate actions of commitment and social impact.


Healthy and constructive affectivity

Establish relationships and friendships based on the value and dignity of people.


Assertive communication

Communicate, dialogue and argue logically and assertively in various languages and languages.


Creativity and artistic sensitivity

Show initiative and creativity to express yourself and appreciate beauty and art.


Innovation, design and problem solving

Present and solve everyday life situations using logical-mathematical thinking and technology.



Being able to analyze and face reality and recognize and opt for the truth and the good.


Social responsibility and interculturality

To be a citizen of the world responsible for the common home. Communicate and collaborate with others in intercultural environments.


Servant Christian Leadership

Live and promote values. Assume with joy the commitment to renew your family, community and society.