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We ensure that the student makes sense of what he learns when he knows, understands and transforms the environment that surrounds him. We encourage learning to love and choose what is good, choosing virtue freely and responsibly, seeking to be a gift to others. Learning to live and serve, valuing and caring for oneself, enhancing the gifts received and going out to meet others.

We accompany our students so that they can build an authentic, mature and healthy personality, which allows them to travel, more fully and in accordance with their dignity, the path towards their own self-realization and transcendence.

We promote Christian servant leadership in students so that they can respond to the needs of others as a committed citizen of themselves, their family, their community, and the world.

With our NET virtues program, strategies and tools are developed that facilitate socio-emotional education and human formation in students. Positive environments are promoted that through these strategies arouse the dynamism of virtues.
The good is shown with concrete examples so that the student recognizes the benefits and is freely motivated to carry them out. A firm discipline is promoted, and kind at the same time, taking into account the need for identity and belonging.

We seek that students use technology effectively and efficiently as a tool to increase their productivity, develop their creativity, communicate ideas and learn collaboratively, without forgetting the responsibility that their use entails.

Through the use of educational technology, robotics and the STEAM methodology (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math), we encourage students to see it:

  • As a useful and necessary resource for learning.
  • As a means to develop digital skills.
  • To lay the technological foundations for the following educational levels.

Students expand their vocabulary and learn the correct use of English, at a high level, beyond the functional. Our high level of bilingual education is supported by our Cambridge certifications. Starting in the 7th grade of Middle School, our students learn French as a third language.

Highlands International School Mexico English Level Scale

We educate at all times, space and environment. Any opportunity, inside and outside the classroom, is used to develop an educational-formative intervention. We have various resources that support us in this process:

  • Formative, flexible, interactive and collaborative environments and spaces that promote personal, transcendent and community learning.
  • Physical and digital educational materials, which help to enhance the student's abilities according to the expected graduation profile.
  • Educational technology, which favors research and the production of content and solutions

The students carry out sports physical activity that favors their physical and mental development, as well as being aware of the habits of self-care for health, nutrition, rest, values, socialization, safety, respect for rules and the formation of character. In high school, our students develop optimum performance in physical-sports activities, showing great problem-solving capacity and leadership in decision-making, recognizing the conditions, standards and rules of training and competition. We have extracurricular academies for professionalization in various sports and artistic disciplines.

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